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Friday, July 27, 2007

"Much better than a margarita..."

I had surgery on my foot yesterday to fix the bone I broke. There was a tendon from my leg attached to the broken part of the bone that was not going to allow it to heal quickly or properly so they put a screw in it and it is fixed. Now it is just a matter of recovering from the incision wound and the swelling.

I had never had surgery before and was a bit nervous. When I was wheeled into the OR I got even more nevervous because it all looked a bit serious. They put me on the table and told me they were going to give me a shot to relax me before giving me anesthesia. The last thing I remember is saying "this is much better than a margarita...", I woke up about an hour later with no knowledge of what had happened.

I have spent nearly the entire week of this comp in the hotel with my foot up and I am going a bit crazy... only a bottle of pain pills and the internet to keep me company.

Thank you to everyone for the comments, phone calls, and emails - I really apprecaite that.

Special thanks for Darren "Dazza" Darsey and Jonny "Jnr" Durand for being my nurses. Jnr has brought me a fresh vegemite sandwich everyday for breakfast - good friends are had to find and good to have. Those guys are great but Amity is my favorite nurse of all.

I still have every intention to fly the worlds and think that after going though this I should win the first day. ;)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Good news and bad news

The good news is that my new Moyes LitespeedRS 4 is AMAZING!!! It is the nicest looking and best flying glider I have ever had and there were many people drooling over it yesterday. Jonny and I both set up our new Moyes RS gliders yesterday on launch and you could just hear people talking. I launched the glider and immediately knew I was flying something very special. Talk to your local Moyes dealer to arrange a demo - you will be glad you did.

The bad news is that while I was loading my glider on the car yesterday I stepped off the bumper and landed wrong on my foot rolling my ankle and breaking my foot. Damaged landing gear two weeks before the worlds... bummer.

I have worked really hard and given up a lot to get here. I see ortho on Wednesday to see what options I have to stablize the landing gear. I am confident that everything will work out.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

2007 World Hang Gliding Championships!!!!

I think I am ready. I have been practicing really hard!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

If you haven't been you must go!!!

To Lake Chelan, WA that is! I just got back from the most amazing week long hang gliding trip and had the best time ever! Darren Darsey, who was the meet director at this comp, has been the most exceptional hang gliding ambassador to the Pacific North West for me and has really made my stay in Seattle worth while.

I met and made great friends with some wonderful people... the flying community up here is one of the nicest, most laid back, and friendly I have ever been around (tied for 1st with the folks at Canungra, QLD). I would like to give them all a shout and say thank you very much for the amazing experience; oh, and I must include the bobble head crew from the bay area. (below: Ben and the high heal shoe incident).

Beautiful lake, the Columbia river, amazing flying, more dust devils than you have ever seen in one place - Lake Chelan has it all. I flew over a feild one day that had a mother and father dust devil with about 6 children dust devils... AMAZING. Sailplanes everywhere... people flying all over the place... floating down the river in the evenings... great little town... funky restaurants... party scene... and near Southern grade hospitality. I'll be at the Chelan Classic again next year for sure.

Big shouts to: Larry & Tina, Tom Pierce, Mike Daily, Katy, Tom & Lori, Kameron, Konrad, Dave Scott, Trig, Larry Snyder, "Chip", Darren Darsey, JD, HEATHER, Bruce, Ben, Marty, Arron, Tim, Frank, Mark (BC), Chris Culler, Drake!! Good times.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Flytec and Moyes

If you are serious about hang gliding... and even if you are not so serious I have something I want to share with you. I have never gotten better service before and after a sale as I have gotten with Steve Kroop at Flytec and Kraig Coomber the new Moyes USA importer/distributor. If you have questions about the high quality products Moyes or Flytec have to offer or need service... these guys are fucking on top of it. Check them out at Moyes USA and Flytec. You will be glad you did.

PS. The new Moyes LitespeedRS is the shit!