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Friday, July 27, 2007

"Much better than a margarita..."

I had surgery on my foot yesterday to fix the bone I broke. There was a tendon from my leg attached to the broken part of the bone that was not going to allow it to heal quickly or properly so they put a screw in it and it is fixed. Now it is just a matter of recovering from the incision wound and the swelling.

I had never had surgery before and was a bit nervous. When I was wheeled into the OR I got even more nevervous because it all looked a bit serious. They put me on the table and told me they were going to give me a shot to relax me before giving me anesthesia. The last thing I remember is saying "this is much better than a margarita...", I woke up about an hour later with no knowledge of what had happened.

I have spent nearly the entire week of this comp in the hotel with my foot up and I am going a bit crazy... only a bottle of pain pills and the internet to keep me company.

Thank you to everyone for the comments, phone calls, and emails - I really apprecaite that.

Special thanks for Darren "Dazza" Darsey and Jonny "Jnr" Durand for being my nurses. Jnr has brought me a fresh vegemite sandwich everyday for breakfast - good friends are had to find and good to have. Those guys are great but Amity is my favorite nurse of all.

I still have every intention to fly the worlds and think that after going though this I should win the first day. ;)


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